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A new baby arriving in the world is a blessing and a joy. It can be like a bundle of love and the focus of life changes to revolve around the baby’s needs. Family dynamics change for everyone including siblings. It is a wonderful time and it can also be exhausting especially if you particular new arrival isn’t a ‘sleeper’!
Since graduating in 1989 I have always enjoyed treating new-borns and babies. In the early 1990’s I worked as a volunteer at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. In those early days we had a band of volunteer osteopaths working on Saturdays. The patients didn’t have set appointment times they simply arrived and we treated all of them in the course of the morning. It was a fantastic learning environment with highly experienced osteopaths guiding and advising newer graduates – all in one big clinic room.
I continue to study post-graduate courses in the treatment of new-borns and babies.
Osteopathy is gentle, safe and effective and is suitable for the treatment of new-borns and babies. The treatment of babies requires skill and experience.

Osteopaths are fully trained to recognise health conditions and will refer your baby to a medical doctor or other practitioner if appropriate.

Speak with an osteopath about your health questions.
We offer an initial 15 minute phone call or visit to the clinic to speak with an osteopath about your health issues, free of charge.
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