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I work with many mothers during their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time as a new baby is growing and developing, a new life beginning.
Pregnancy is a natural event that leads to major changes physically and hormonally. As the mother’s posture adapts to the increased weight of the growing baby and uterus her weight bearing shifts and changes the shape of her spine and pelvis. Hormones are released which increase the flexibility of ligaments allowing joints to be more pliable in preparation for the birth.
Usually the body responds well to all the changing demands of pregnancy. However sometimes mothers may experience aches and pains in the back or pelvis, often in the later months of pregnancy.
Gentle osteopathic treatment can help to ease aches and pains and restore balance in the spine and pelvis in preparation for childbirth.
Osteopathy is gentle, safe and effective and is suitable for treatment of mothers during pregnancy.

Osteopaths are fully trained to recognise health conditions and will refer you to a medical doctor or other practitioner if appropriate.

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