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Children and Adolescents
A growing, developing child is in a state of continual change or unfolding.
In early development a child progresses from sitting to crawling and finally walking and running. The changes needed in co-ordination are extraordinary.
Simultaneously young children are developing early language skills, social skills and later getting to grips with potty training.
Starting school a child meet a larger circle of friends and a larger pool of bugs so coughs, colds and other infections become more common. School age children experience new friendships, social interactions and may learn to play new sports or musical instruments.
Adolescence is a time of rapid growth and a cascade of developmental changes – physical, hormonal, social and psychological. All of this change can be a lot for a teenager to navigate alongside the increasing pressure of school work and exams and the positive and negative influences of social media. No wonder teenagers need a lot of sleep!
Long hours using tablets, laptops and mobiles can result in aches, pains, postural problems and headaches.

Gentle, safe osteopathic treatment is suitable for children of all ages.

Osteopaths are fully trained to recognise health conditions and will refer you or your child to a medical doctor or other practitioner if appropriate.

Speak with an osteopath about your health questions.
We offer an initial 15 minute phone call or visit to the clinic to speak with an osteopath about your health issues, free of charge.
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